Is Liz Hurley the World's Most Glamorous Farmer?


Image from Elizabeth Hurley

You've come a long way baby... Liz Hurley, of the Versace safety pin dress (after the fold for that one) and former girlfriend of Hugh Grant, sigh, (after the fold for him too....) has abandoned the London celebrity scene for the countryside. Not life on just any 400 acre farm, but one that is working and organic, complete with sheep and cattle.

But being a farmer doesn't mean that she is letting herself go. She may wear jeans and rubber boots but she is still watching her weight. So she has created an organic snack bar which contains oats from her own fields and is less than 100 calories. Just the thing when you are milking the cows.

liz safety

Image from Marie Claire: 1994

First she started a business selling bikinis, now she has identified another niche in the market: nutritious snacks that are not "hellishly fattening."

As a former movie star and all 'round glamour girl, Hurley is the voice of experience when it comes to dieting. So her first organic products will be oat and fruit snack bars that are under 100 calories and approved by the Soil Association.

She admits that the oat and fruit bars are "compulsory portion control. I've never been able to chop a Jaffa Cake (chocolate covered cookie) in half and just eat one piece." The fruit bars come in two flavours--strawberry and cherry and orange and cranberry. The oat bars come in banana and chocolate and orange and chocolate.


Image from Elizabeth Hurley

Oddly enough, she is also "obsessed with beef jerky! I fell in love with it when I lived in Los Angeles for ten years - it's common as candy out there." So her other new product is bags of beef jerky, made from air-dried strips of organic silverside. It is high in protein, low in fat, has 74 calories a bag and is made with some of the meat from her own Gloucester cattle. She has admitted that she has lost 12 pounds by noshing on it.

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