Is Live Earth Rio On or Off?


Yesterday, we heard the announcement that Live Earth Rio de Janeiro was going to be cancelled, due to the Brazilian government being concerned about security reasons and not being able to insure the safety of its attendees. Brazil is the only country to host the event with a free admission and apparently 700,000 Brazilians plan on attending the event. However, in a press release we read today, we learned that Live Earth Rio was back on for Copacabana Beach. "We are thrilled that Brazil will be a part of this monumental global event and that Latin America will help drive Live Earth's message about working together to combat the climate crisis. Rio is the only concert that is free and open to the public, and one of Live Earth's enduring images will be of the hundreds of thousands of people on Copacabana Beach being a part of Live Earth's global movement," the press release stated. ::Live Earth Rio

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