Is it so Hard to be (Green) and Good? New ABC Sitcom "The Goode Family" Says Yes

It's a sad truth that sustainability is kind of tough to make sexy and environmentalism sometimes hard to make humorous. But perhaps not anymore, now that Mike Judge of Beavis and Butthead and King of the Hill fame has decided to spoof an environmentally-conscious couple and their kids, called "The Goode Family," in an ABC premier cartoon series later this month. It's always good to have a laugh at our own expense, and in addition, The Goode Family trailer proves that green ideas area really resonant in the mainstream these days. But is a caricature of a desperately carnivorous marauding vegan dog going too far?Do-gooding eco-types get skewered
No, actually, Che the dog, who is terrorizing neighborhood animals in his lust for meat is among the funniest characters in the bunch - though Ubuntu the white African adopted son is also naturally a crack up. Some commenters about The Good Family trailer on the Ecorazzi green gossip site object to the satire about vegans on the grounds that they are rarely depicted positively in media. That seems to have the ring of truth. Here's what show co-creator John Altschuler says in the longer trailer from ABC:

"We're not just taking pot shots at people trying to be good - they're the heroes of the show."

The Goodes try hard to green their lifestyle - they drive a hybrid car, reuse shopping bags, recycle and are vegans. Those all seem like prime practices to poke fun at - but let's hope the Goodes (and the show's producers) go far beyond that mild fare to truly looking for green innovations at home. Via: Guardian
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