Irish Anti-littering PSA Tackles the Problem with Humor (Video)

Trash can tackles litter in Irish PSASouth Dubln County Council/Video screen capture

In an effort to combat littering, the South Dublin County Council has released a public service announcement that is either a reminder to toss litter in trashcans, or a threat of what will happen if you don’t.

In the hilarious ad an anthropomorphized trashcan--that looks like it was dreamed up by either The Oatmeal or Hyperbole and a Half--tackles all of our favorite litter bugs we love to hate.

Watch ‘Tackle Litter’

For something that looks like it was produced on a shoestring budget the video has all the markings of a viral video sensation. The video reached the front page of Reddit after it was posted by the son of a council member who was asked by his father to share it with Facebook friends.

Irish Anti-littering PSA Tackles the Problem with Humor (Video)
Anti-littering ad reminds Dublin residents to put trash in its rightful place--or else!

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