Ioby: Connecting New York City Volunteers and Donors In Our Backyards (Video)

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Ioby's Veteran's Memorial beautification in Rosedale, Queens. Credit Ioby via Flickr

If your interested in volunteering or funding environmental projects in New York, look no further than Ioby (In Our Backyards) - a non profit organization committed to inspiring action and awareness by connecting donors and volunteers to local projects in their neighborhood. Click through for a video that explains Ioby -- on 30 seconds -- and find out how you can put a dollar or a minute towards an eco-project in your backyard.

The basis of Ioby - - connecting individuals with their local environment -- is accessible and simple. A desire to contribute to healthier and cleaner surroundings is all that is needed. Ioby's website hosts a bulletin board of projects that vary in scale - from a $115 composting class in Queens to a $2,938 garden restoration project in Manhattan (below). Individuals can partially fund a project depending on their giving abilities and if cash is lacking, they can give a greater asset - their time.


Credit Ioby

From Ioby's website:

At ioby, we believe in the places we live, work, and play so we encourage the building of long-lasting community partnerships among volunteers and donors. Most interactions in online microphilanthropy exist only online, in a purely transactional exchange. On we encourage people to get involved with each other and learn from each other--changing passive, transactional experiences into engaged, transformative environmentalism.

Visit Ioby to post your project (application required), explore their bulletin board, or volunteer your time and/or dollars.

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