io9's Environmental Writing Contest Offers $4,000 in Prizes!

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Think You Can Write? Give It a Try!
Sadly, we can't run lab experiments with the planet (or at least, we shouldn't). There's no control group to be sure of how certain thing would unfold in this or that situation. But we do have this very useful simulator between our ears that allows us to run thought experiments, and these experiments are most valuable when they are shared with others so that they too can think about the problem and then come up with a better way to approach it, or at least be more aware of it. All of this to say that io9 is running an environmental writing contest that encourages these types of thought experiments, both in science-fiction and non-fiction writing, and the cherry on top is two $2,000 cash prizes for the winners in both categories. Read on for more details.
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Image: io9
Hurry, You Have Until December 11th!
io9 writes: "io9 is looking for stories that deal with environmental disaster, whether caused by random asteroid impacts or oil drilling accidents. We believe that the first step to solving planet-scale problems is to assess, honestly and critically, what it would mean to experience such a disaster. We need mental models that can help policy-makers, researchers, and individuals prepare for the kinds of cataclysmic events that have occurred regularly throughout Earth's history.

We're holding this contest to reward people for coming up with ideas that could help avert the next Deepwater spill and Pacific garbage gyre - or help people prepare better for the next Indian Ocean tsunami and Haiti earthquake. Storytelling is a powerful tool. We want you to use it well.

Our awesome team of judges includes Elizabeth Kolbert (The New Yorker's environment reporter), Paolo Bacigalupi (author of Ship Breaker and Windup Girl), and Jonathan Strahan (editor of the Eclipse anthologies), as well as others to be announced."

You can find the contest guidelines and rules here, along with the info on where to send your submission.

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