Introductory Talk on Climate Change to be Held at New York's American Natural History Museum

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Photo by Agaton Strom

Earlier this year, the American Natural History Museum in New York City unveiled its much anticipated Climate Change exhibition. And soon, they'll be ringing in the new year with an important talk on global warming that will either get you up to speed on the most recent scientific attitudes and discoveries regarding climate change, or comfortably introduce you to the subject altogether.

It's called "The How and Why of Climate Change and What it Means for the Future," and the presentation will be given by Earth and Planetary Sciences curator Edmund A. Mathez.
Seeing as how I was in attendance for the exhibit's opening day, I can testify to its worth to the eco-uninitiated, as well as for environmentalists who enjoy a visceral, albeit somewhat foreboding museum-going experience.

Mathez is also the author of the upcoming book Climate Change: The Science of Global Warming and our Energy Future. He'll provide a general overview of the issue in his talk, and discuss the scientific evidence in support of climate change and some potential solutions.

The event will be held Tuesday, January 6th at 6:30 pm, and tickets will be $15 for adults. Check out the American Natural History Museum website. for more info.

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