Introducing Green Leaders Global: Intimate Networking for Innovators

green Leaders global fabien cousteau

Fabien Cousteau speaks at Green Leaders Global event at ABC Carpet & Home. Credit Amanda Miller, Renee Rupcich

New York City entrepreneurs, innovators, and leaders are uniting through Green Leaders Global, an intimate networking group designed to inspire collaboration and action to further the environmental movement. With over 300 members in the five boroughs of New York City, the organization plans to go global this year. Members meet through cocktail hours and dinners with featured hosts and business to business introductions.


TreeHugger's Graham Hill speaks with No Wire Hangers' Julie Naylon and Artist Susan Benarcik. Credit Parris Whittingham

Green Leaders is more than cocktails and organic treats catered by The Cleaver Co., and not just another Green Drinks, which has short face-time and numerous attendees. Each member has a plenary sharing session, with Founders Marissa Feinberg and Jennie Nevin, of Green Spaces, to tailor membership to suit their individual needs. Exclusive to members, gatherings are intimate with 15-30 attendees and allow partnerships and collaborations to evolve naturally. Members are also listed in a directory, which features their accomplishments and current projects.

Green Leaders Global Events

The most recent "Member Eats", as they are called, was held at TreeHugger founder Graham Hill's Mahattan apartment on July 27, 2009. Discussion touched on Green Leaders' annual theme "how the natural world affects economics". Fabien Cousteau, explorer, oceanographer and grandson of Jacques Cousteau, hosted a cocktail hour at ABC Carpet & Home on June 2, 2009, where he spoke to the aquatic ecosystems affect on the global economy. Past speakers have included Paul Mankiewicz, founder of The Gaia Institute and Wendy Brawer of Green Map System.

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