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Image: Earth Day Tokyo

This weekend Earth Day Festival kicks off in the trendy Shibuya and Harajuku districts of Tokyo. Some 130,000 people are expected to attend and the preparations have been going on for months. This is the 9th annual Earth Day event here in Japan and some are calling it the world's largest. I like that it is youth focused with more volunteers and less crass commercialism, although many corporate sponsors are also strong supporters of the green cause.Energy-awareness is high here so the Green Power Map helps visitors understand how wind power, solar, and thermal can replace fossile fuels or nuclear.

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Sony, Patagonia and Tower Records are sponsoring this campaign, just to name a few. WWF and Intel are also taking this opportunity to show off the Climate Savers Computing Initiative.

The buzz this year is "Go Ethical" and you will not be able to buy anything but organic food at the Earth Day Kitchen vendors. Restaurants that specialise in seasonal, locally produced food for local consumption (and therefore have low Food Mileage) will gather and Earth Day in Tokyo is using a Dish Reuse System to solve the garbage problem and achieve "zero garbage". There will be a lot of natural, eco-friendly seasonal farm products available. This will be a perfect and rare opportunity for farmers and consumers to meet.

But, ok, the rest is mostly just an excuse to get together and have a great time in Tokyo. Bring your friends and family (the lush Yoyogi Park is great for kids) for lectures, music, and lots of laughs. This should be an awesome weekend.

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Image: Earth Day Tokyo
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