Interview Suggestions for Treehugger Wanted!


Treehugger is in the midst of lining up a steady stream of TH interviews and we want to ensure that all the players in the modern green movement are covered. We'd like nothing more than to get your direct feedback on this, so please take a moment to drop a comment and let us know what eco-celebrity/innovator/entrepreneur/designer (you get the idea), would make for a great TH interview candidate. After the jump is a list of eco-celebrities from all professions to help get your wheels spinning. While you're at it, if there's any burning question you'd like to see addressed to an eco-celebrity, let us know and we'll do our best to make that happen. *and..if any of you have good contacts with anyone...please do hook us up!Tom Dixon
Janine Benyus
John and Nancy Todd
Ray Anderson
Amy Domini
Naomi Klein
Amory Lovins
Michael Braungart
Julia Hill
Wangari Maathai
Jack Johnson
Craig Newmark
Cameron Diaz
Tim Cahill
Bill Bryson
Jon Krakauer
Ted Sargent
Willie Nelson
Ulrich Walker
Andrew Heintzman
Woody Harrelson
Dave Matthews
Chris Martin
George Clooney
Ani DiFranco
Morgan Spurlock
Daryl Hannah
Edward Norton
Angela Lindvall
William McDonough
Ulrich Walker
Teresa Heinz Kerry
Peter Garrett