Interface, Ten Years Green

Ten years ago, Ray Anderson, founder and C.E.O of Interface, a global floorcovering manufacturer, had an epiphany while reading Paul Hawken's "The Ecology of Commerce". Today, his vision and his company are shining green stars in the petroleum-laden flooring industry. His goal: to eliminate Interface's environmental footprint... ::InterfaceSo far, Interface, which owns more than a dozen cool residential and commercial brands and is one of the biggest manufacturers worldwide, has done a lot--and we mean a lot--to change and promote and progress environemntal awareness. Since 1994, Interface has reduced its carbon intensity by one-third and greenhouse gases by nearly half. They've also significantly reduced their number of smokestacks, effluent pipes, and water usage.

Anderson wants not just to be an example, but a leader, influencing others. In the next ten years, he hopes to do more of the same, but better. He pledges to continue touring and speaking, spouting his new world view, whereby the economy is recognized as a wholly-owned subsidiary of the environment. Pretty heavy stuff. Go Interface!