Inspiring Film: Uniting Government Policy With Grassroots Action (Video)

low carbon communities challenge

Image credit: Low Carbon Communities Challenge

Even conservatives cheered when one Transition Town received a huge Government check, and with good reason. As part of the massive Low Carbon Communities Challenge the idea, for once, was to explore how grassroots groups could work together with Government, rather than the usual false choice between either top-down or bottom-up approaches to sustainability. I've just come across a beautiful film featuring the project winners and it offers, I think, a beautiful vision for real, community-focused sustainability for all—tackling not just carbon emissions, but social exclusion and poverty issues in the process. Now the artsy pregnant pauses at the start of the film may be a brave choice in the age of instant YouTube gratification, but I think they underline what is so special about this initiative. These are people going after one of the most difficult, illusive goals of our time—true sustainability. Anyone who says they have the answers is, quite frankly, a liar. But what the participants in the Low Carbon Communities Challenge do have is a lot of questions, and a plan for starting to figure it all out.

Check out the video, and take a look at the Low Carbon Communities Network to learn more about this inspiring initiative.

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