Inside the Mind of the World's Most Famous Climate Denier (Video)


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If you follow climate issues, then you've probably seen the name Lord Monckton crop more than a few times--in many way's he's the climate change denying camp's leading light. He is, at least, by far the most famous. A Classics major in school, and then a journalist, then a policy adviser for Margaret Thatcher, he is now mostly known for his opposition to the scientific consensus on climate change. So, the question goes, if he's not a scientist, why would anyone listen to him? Peter Sinclair investigates that question in the video after the jump. The answer seems to be: because he tells them what they want to hear, and does so faux-eloquently. But as you'll see, the science he refers to is outdated or misrepresented, (video via Climate Progress):

It's worth noting that the manner in which Lord Monckton is adept at selling climate denial is the same quality that makes climate scientists bad at doing so--in other words, Monckton has mastered the art of putting on a show, using rhetoric to sell ideas that aren't backed by facts. It doesn't matter how many facts most scientists have at their disposal--they'll rarely be able to make them sound as rousing and convincing as Monckton does.

This video is part of Peter Sinclair's fantastic, level-headed, and flat-out funny series Climate Denial Crock of the Week, which is a must for anyone looking to stay abreast of the ongoing climate "debate" in the mainstream media and in pop culture.

We've covered a few of his other videos here before, and pretty much the entire archive is worth checking out. Here are a few highlights:

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