Inhotim: A Museum Complex Inside a Tropical Park

Invention of color, Penetrable Magic Square by Hélio Oiticica Inhotim Photo

Picture: Invention of color, by Hélio Oiticica. Photo by Carol Reis for Inhotim.

The amazing Cultural Institute Inhotim is a museum complex formed by a set of galleries (pavilions) in the middle of a botanical garden. It's located at Brumadinho, a town 450 kilometers (279 miles) from Sao Paulo and 320 (199 miles) from Rio de Janeiro, in the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil.

Surrounded by a 600 hectares Natural Reserve and 45 hectares of gardens with botanical collections, its galleries host a vast collection of contemporary art from Brazilian and international artists from the 60's on.

Keep reading for astonishing pictures of the galleries in the gardens.The Inhotim Museum

Created in 2005, the focus of the Inhotim Cultural Center focus is contemporary art and environmental issues. Its collection has been formed since the mid-80's and comprises more than 350 pieces from over 80 Brazilian and international artists from the 60's on.

There are paintings, sculptures, drawings, photos, videos and installations, which are distributed inside the galleries and in the open air, at the park. Some of the featured artists include Tunga, Cildo Meireles, Adriana Varejão and Doris Salcedo.

The collection is curated by Allan Schwartzman, Jochen Volz and Rodrigo Moura.

Adriana Varejo Gallery at Inhotim Cultural Center Photo

The Adriana Varejo gallery. Photo: Bruno Magalhães.
Doris Salcedo Gallery at Inhotim Cultural Center Photo

The Doris Salcedo gallery. Photo: Bruno Magalhães.
True Rouge Gallery at Inhotim Cultural Center Photo

The True Rouge Gallery.
Mata Art Gallery Inhotim Cultural Center Photo

The Mata gallery. Photo: Bruno Magalhães.
The park at Inhotim

This beautiful museum complex is surrounded by an ever expanding natural area. As mentioned, it's surrounded by a 600 hectares Natural Reserve and a 45 hectares Tropical Park. The late hosts botanical collections and five lakes.

Some of the Tropical Park's areas have been developed under landscape artist Roberto Burle Marx (the same that created those world-famous black and white sidewalks at Rio de Janeiro's Copacabana beach).

If you're in one of Brazil's most famous cities (Sao Paulo or Rio) or at Minas Gerais capital (Belo Horizonte), the trip is a few hours by bus or car, and surely worth it. The Center is open from Thursdays to Sundays and on holidays, and entrance fee is a cheap R$ 10 (about 4 USD).

Watch a TV segment on the museum (in Portuguese) at Canal Verde.

Lake at Inhotim Cultural Center Photo

One of the five lakes in the Tropical Park. Photo: Bruno Magalhães.
Art piece by Tunga at the Inhotim Cultural Center Photo

Untitled (from the Vanguarda Viperina series), by Tunga. Photo: Eduardo Eckenfels.
Inhotim Cultural Center Map Image

A map showing Inhotim's vast surrounding.
Inhotim official website

Via Canal Verde
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