Inhabitots Meet the Maker, Regeneration Talks to Marc Gunther, WorldChanging Retrospective, and More

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Fake Plastic Fish: Affluence: Sustaining the flow by Beth Terry
"Having affluence means that the good things in life flow toward you. But if affluence is flow, then do those of us lucky enough to have been born into great (relative) wealth have a responsibility to keep the waters moving, to sustain (our word from last month) the flow? Or is it our right to dam it up and stop it, thinking we can keep all the goodies for ourselves?"

Inhabitots: MEET THE MAKER: Kristen Angelo of Boopalina & Bebe by Desmond Williams. "Boopalina & Bebe is a playful, independent children’s eco-lifestyle brand with an offbeat, alternative design edge. Today we’d like to share our interview with Boopalina & Bebe founder Kristen Angelo. This interview is the first of our ‘Meet the Maker’ series where Inhabitots writers go behind the scenes to chat with designers about what inspired them to ‘go green’ and push forward on the frontier of sustainable design for families."The Regeneration: A Conversation With Marc Gunther, Environmental Writer, Blogger and Author by Bryant Hilton
"Marc Gunther writes about the impact of business on society, with a focus on environmental issues. He is a senior writer at FORTUNE magazine, a columnist for, the author of Faith and Fortune: How Compassionate Capitalism is Transforming American Business and a regular blogger. "

Tiny Choices: Carnival of the Green #144! by Karina
"Doug Green posts about green garden design, The Green Routine, Nimic posts about Bats, GreenSweetz is Launched!, Fake Plastic Fish writes about Pure & Natural Soap, Zeer Green Team Series – What Is Organic Food, Anyway?"

Worldchanging: Retrospective: Day 7 by Worldchanging Team
"Five years ago, on October 1, we launched Worldchanging as a venue to find, discuss and imagine the world's most innovative solutions to the planet's most pressing problems. Since then, we've found a great and diverse global community of readers, won prizes and awards, put out a best-selling book, and published 8,500 stories about how to change the world."