Inhabitot's Baby-Tee Shirts

baby tee-shirt Inhabitot photo

Who could resist a face like that! So cute. Or his tee-shirt that says " I give a hoot". They are both, baby and tee, courtesy of Inhabitot, TreeHugger's favourite new baby design website. The shirt is made out of 100% organic cotton, printed by hand with eco-friendly, water-based inks. It features their mascot, the green owl, and has a nice green message for the world.

If you want a more subtle and matching look for child and mother, Inhabitat's award-winning design of an upside down tree in pale green and white comes in a tee-shirt and one-piece cotton onesie. Its tag line is "I am the root of the solution". To win one, hurry and take part in their green Hallowe'en contest: send in a photo of your clever costume or homemade Hallowe'en treats, and who knows, your child may be the proud owner of an adorable new shirt. Inhabitot

lung tee-shirt Inhabitot photo

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