Incubus and the Santa Barbara Bowl Go(at) Green


Images by Larry Mills

Last week, Grammy Award Nominated band Incubus and the Santa Barbara Bowl took some very cool steps to reduce their carbon footprint with three new programs.

Land Fill Reduction
Bicycle Valet
And Goats

Yes Goats.Board Member Graham Farrar fills us in on the details of the show:

Land Fill Reduction
With the new volunteer Green Team, waste diversion was the most hands on part of our effort for this event. We had amazing participation by our volunteers (18 total) who helped through the show educating people about the new additional waste cans and how to sort their trash. One of the things I learned was the value of separating the compostable waste from the plastics. Plastic and food together is landfill trash, separate the two and you can recycle the plastic and compost the food, (a double winner). The volunteers then all stayed until almost midnight to sort through the trash that wasn't able to be pre-sorted. Thats some dedication. We also learned a lot, i.e. one area we hadn't considered was the bathroom trash (as dedicated as everyone was no one wanted to post sort that). We're excited to take what we learned and attack it again at the next show.


Bike Valet
This was probably our biggest win of the event, as the return to effort ratio was so high. The valet was done in co-operation with the Santa Barbara Bicycle Coalition ( who did a great job managing it. All the people I talked to who took advantage of the service were really enthused with how easy it was to use. Car parking is a challenge at the bowl, usually its a 10min walk from your car to the venue, so if you live within the downtown area its faster to ride your bike than look for a spot, park and walk.

The valet guys take your bike, hand you a ticket and you're done. You dont need a lock or to find something to hook it up to, and its staffed so you dont have to worry about theft. Worked really well. We will do this again for sure. Hope to make it a standard practice.


Goats at the Bowl
The goats we're great! Instead of using power tools/pesticides to clear back vegetation, we brought in a heard of goats (we rented them, who knew you could do that?). Their agility lets them get everywhere on the 17 acre bowl property. They eat things as they grow keeping it constantly pruned and their 'emissions' help fertilize. And its cool to have goats running around, I hope they dont storm the stage.


It was neat to find out how many people care about helping. Throughout the process of working the event we met lots of people who were knowledgeable about the topic, were excited about what we were doing and wanted to help (i.e. one of our cocktail waitresses at the venue teaches composting in her day job). A friend of mine, Scott Saville, came over from Hawaii to help. He founded a consulting group called Tr3ees that specializes in helping people green events and businesses. People were coming out of the wood work, it was great.

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