Inconvenient Youth: Teens Taking On Global Warming

Photo courtesy of Inconvenient Youth

The Inconvenient Youth are taking the nation by storm. And no, they're not an eyeliner wearing rock band (though they've got one of those in tow) or a Warriors-esque street gang (though they're acquiring quite a cult following).

No, they're a group of teens dedicated to raising awareness of global warming. And they're heading to a city near you.
Inconvenient Youth Combat Climate Change
The Inconvenient Youth, a noble lot of Al Gore inspired teens, set out on a national tour with the also-teen all-girl pop punk band KSM last week. Their goal is to "inspire and motivate young people to rally their peers and hometown communities to fight climate change," according to high school senior and Inconvenient Youth founder, Mary Doerr. And they do so by training teens to give a youth-centric version of the presentation popularized by Mr. Gore in An Inconvenient Truth. They've already set up numerous presentations at schools across the countries, which feature performances by KSM in addition to the informative talks.

The Youth are taking advantage of their peers' tech-savvy ways, and are employing online registration and text messaging as networking methods, both of which are aiding in achieving an overwhelmingly positive response. "It's been amazing to see such a strong reception to our efforts so far, and we've only just begun," Doer says.

You can join the movement, or encourage a teen you know to check it out, at Inconvenient Youth's website.

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