In New York City, Local Fashion Meets Farmer's Market

parson new school photo

Photo: Parsons The New School

From Barneys New York's culinary-themed windows at their Madison Avenue flagship to our recent article on Jai's fruit- and vegetable-dyed fashion, the link between food and fashion has been getting more media attention. In New York City tomorrow, at Union Square's Greenmarket from 9-11am, students from Parsons The New School for Design will be setting up a mobile fashion laboratory where they will be creating new fashions with recycled clothes, donated through Wearable Collections Textile Recycling; local wool and alpaca fiber; and natural dyes, made on-site from produce sold at the farmer's market.

The newly launched Greenmarket Textile Lab, a program developed by the student-led Integrated Design program at Parsons, will explore sustainability- and community-based approaches to producing textiles, including urban composting, handcrafting, local farming and textile recycling. The project is in partnership with Grow NYC, a local non-profit organization.

According to Deborah Kirschner, associate director for arts communications at Parsons, "Parsons feels it is important that students learn about handcrafting because it of its focus on collaboration and sharing knowledge and resources. Years ago, this was the basis for our livelihoods and our communities...The hope is, they can take the knowledge they acquire through their hands and consider ways of using it within the larger global world of design and production."

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