Importance of Optimism in the Face of Climate Change


We excerpt here from TedBlog an important insight by the 'Statesman of Climate Change'. "One of the more poignant points that Al Gore made in last night’s [22 February 2006] powerful speech about global warming was that a lot of people move directly from a state of denial about this issue to one of despair. People in the first state don’t go out and try to change things because they don’t see a problem. People in the second state are often no more inclined to act because they think the situation is hopeless. The fact that these are the two most stable cognitive states on this issue probably explains why a lot of people do, in fact, remain in denial. We've long strived for that in-between space; and thank TedBolg's Rob Reid for reminding us about how important it is to stay there. And Mr. Gore, of course, for laying it out so poignantly.