Impact 2006: Social and Environmental Career Expo


Though this socially and environmentally-conscious career fair just ended (and that's okay for us, seeing as everyone around here already has one), we wanted to bring some attention to the simple fact that such an event exists. Organized by MIT and Olin College, it was designed for students who want to leverage their education in science, engineering, and the humanities to make a positive impact on society and change the status quo, and that's a great thing. The more or our best young minds that we can set to work on making the world a TreeHugger-friendly place to be, the better, so kudos to MIT and Olin; we hope to see other institutions for higher learning following suit soon. Other people looking to find such a job should take a peek at our quick guide to green employment,
Green Dream Jobs, GreenBiz's Job Link or Idealist to get started on getting paid to save the world. Thanks to Christie for the tip! ::Impact 2006