Images from Occupy Wall Street's Protest Camp

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Photos: Jess Root

After Brian's inspiring coverage of Occupy Wall Street, I had to show support to my NYC brothers and sisters fighting the good fight against the 1% negatively ruling America.

I expected to emerge the Fulton St. subway to a band of marchers, but not doing my homework ahead of time, I was directed -- thanks to a street food vendor -- to Zuccotti Park. I wouldn't march (bummer -- I saved my voice so I could shout!), but I'd join the pool of protesters during their version of lunch hour. What I stumbled upon was a fascinating "base camp" operation. My boyfriend and I squeezed and bumped our way through the park paths housing a diverse crowd of protesters. What the protest camp seemingly lacked in organization (I meandered through the crowd unsuccessful in finding a Bill McKibben-like leader or "hub" for Occupy Wall Street to speak to), was made up for in compassion and sustainable efforts.

occupy wall street protest camp

There was hardcore humanity and camaraderie in the air. I was blown away by the well-executed lunch station where friendly servers were scooping out heaps of donated pasta, salads and pizza from trays to a hungry line of protesters. Those manning the food booth were quick to feed you with a smile. Mountains of bottled water, locally grown apples, granola bars, hot tea and coffee were for the grabbing.

greywater system photo

I was impressed by the pop-up kitchen's greywater system courtesy of Mobile Design Lab, being used to water park plants. And, similarly impressed by the pop-up library lending out donated books and donated clothing piles standing to provide a chilly protester with a sweater or two.

Pockets of anarchist sub-culture resided harmoniously aside dreaded locks. Sharply-dressed progressives dotted the paths representing organizations like (sign their petition!). Tourists stopped by to scope out what for me was a proud vision of a fed-up America -- exercising democracy by doing, not bitching and complaining.

occupy wall street protester photo

It was a very patriotic, very American, very New York City kind of moment -- and unless anything has changed, it's going on right now.

If you wish to check out and join the growing movement -- that has a lot to do with us environmentalists -- check out While it is a deliberately leaderless resistance movement, the website and social media tools can keep you posted on its whereabouts and schedule of events.

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