Il Palagio - Sting And Trudie Styler Sell A Slice Of Their Organic Italian Life.

Sting + Trudie.jpg

Well not so much a slice, more a drizzle or a glug! Sting and Trudie, that famously all singing, all producing, all do-gooding tantric couple, have produced a range of organic honey and olive oil straight from their 'Fields of Gold' in Tuscany. This is the 'Message in the Bottle' according to Trudie: "I feel that we're using nature's bounty to give something back to the earth, and so help preserve its future for generations to come." Since the Il Palagio range is organic and produced by very famous people unsurprisingly this particular Italian bounty doesn't come cheap, evinced by the fact it is being sold exclusively at Harrods. To further sweeten the expensive taste Sting and Trudie are donating 10% of profits to the environmental charities they support. As a special treat however it might be nice to drizzle a bit of Sting on your toast!