If You Were to Rebuild Your City From Scratch...


Likemind is an early-morning gathering of people who enjoy good conversation and free coffee. The monthly meetups have traditionally stayed away from structure and themes, allowing the participants to define the feel of each event through their informal interactions. Founders Piers Fawkes and Noah Brier tried something different this month though, and asked this question to Likeminds around the world:

"If you were to rebuild your city from scratch, how would you build it differently and what would you keep the same?"

Responses included "No cars below 42nd street," "Develop city farms...built vertically," and "Start with trees." As you can see at Likemind's site, participants all over the world overwhelmingly called for smallness, local production, greenery, and expulsion of the car.

Noah and Piers started Likemind unintentionally: they met for coffee one morning, and decided to invite a few more people next time. Visit likemind.us to add your own response to the question, learn more about the group, and find (or start) a Likemind where you live.