If You Don't Turn Your Computer Off, Who Will?


The answer, of course, is the penguins. This is part of an excellent advertising campaign by Électricité de France (EDF,) which also provides a lot of power to the UK. The ads show various animals assisting us in being more energy efficient and read something like "If you don't preserve nature by switching off your computer / installing solar panels / using efficient lightbulbs, who will."They're funny, and maybe they'll get the point across, but it could also be another move by EDF to polish up its green image. While they have been touted as a green energy company, really they're a low CO2 company, deriving almost 90% of their power from nuclear power plants. They have done very little with actual renewable energies. Still, public awareness is important, and we think these ads do a good job and make a good desktop background.

See all four ads here

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