If the UN Had a Home Security Unit ... (Video)

What if the UN were charged with protecting neighborhoods from burglars, using the same methods it does to protect members of the international community from injustice from other nations? That's the premise of this Upright Citizens Brigade video that lampoons the limits of the United Nation's power in resolving international conflicts. The video has a special bite for anyone following the body's role in the climate process -- where the UN has of late arguably been even more ineffective in persuading recalcitrant, polluting nations to slow their emissions than in preventing armed international conflict.As funny as the video is, and as much truth there is to its satire, the UN is still clearly an important tool and a force for encouraging good behavior on the international stage. But in the face of a threat on the scale of something like climate change, as this satire reminds us, the UN can only do so much ...

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