If A Pug Can Do It, So Can We! Dog Trained To Recycle, Turn Off Lights, and Other Green Tricks (Video)

recycling pug dog image

Image via video screengrab

This gives hope to those of us with even the most stick-in-the-mud friends and relatives who we just can't seem to get to go green. If a dog can do it, so can every human. One TreeHugger reader, Puglet, shows that even puppies can learn to recycle, save water, and green up their shopping habits. Check out the super cute video of one of the best trained dogs we've seen in a long time!

In seriousness, though, there has been the debate about just how green our pooches are - remember that whole controversy over whether or not having a dog is as bad as owning an SUV in terms of carbon footprint? But there are lots of ways to lighten their footprint, even if we can't train them to shop for CFLs and sort the trash for us. From solar powered sweaters to taking advantage of retractable leashes, we definitely can make out dogs into environmentalist sidekicks.

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