Idbids a Hot New Eco-Learning Toy for Kids

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With the school year just beginning and Christmas not too far away there's a great line of plush toys designed to help teach kids about the world around them that just may work well in the early elementary or PreK classroom or even as a stocking stuffer.

The toys, called Idbids, are a trio of colorful characters that each encourage kids to make "iddy biddy" steps to go green through various activities that work to simplify complex issues and make them easy for kids to understand.

Each character has green feet, it's very own personality and is dedicated to a particular environmental element.

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Take "Scout", the fluffy white cloud who gets cranky when he thinks about air pollution; Lola, the flower who teaches kids about trees and plants, or even Waverly, the bright blue water drop who cares deeply about our oceans, lakes, streams and rivers.

The toys come with a storybook, field guide and an organic fabric cinch sack for your child to wear as the eco friendly Idbids show children how to protect the environment a little bit every day, from turning off the water when they brush their teeth to using both sides of the paper when they color. When they finish the activities listed in the field guide, they even get an Idbids Certificate of Completion.

It looks like these educational toys could be a great pick for a child or early childhood classroom near you.

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