ICInyc: Style + Sustainability Party on January 25

Attention NYC TreeHuggers! Mark your calendars for Wednesday, January 25 for a gathering like no other at Libation. ICInyc is a "roving celebration of front line visionaries blending fashion, design, media and the arts with the modest task of saving the planet." Basically, this translates to a TreeHugger party, with organic cocktails, DJ's and dancing, dancing, dancing (full disclosure: TreeHugger is co-sponsoring the event). TH pals Vivavi, Delano Collection, Lü Magazine and Summer Rayne Oakes are also involved, and Josh Dorfman, CEO at Vivavi, and Chuck Heckman, Delano Collection's President and Designer, are two of the masterminds behind the idea. About the event, Mr. Dorfman had this to say: "New York City is where designers save rain forests, fashionistas clear toxins from the soil and the media elevates style and sustainability. It's environmentalism with edge. ICInyc celebrates this point of view and brings together those who are pushing it to mix, mingle and get their collective swerve on." Adds Heckman, "We created ICInyc as a spectacle, experiment and gathering place for the growing number of fashionable, design-savvy, eco-conscious urban dwellers." How does that translate in a party? You'll have to show up to find out. Put your name on the guest list and learn more about the sponsors. ::ICInyc