IceSpace — More Like the Ice Follies


The slogan goes: "Global Warming stole the Ice Age. We're stealing it back!" * Yeh, right. Let's take a moment to ponder the global warming contribution that results from shipping 200 tonnes of frozen deoxygenated water from Canada to London to make a pub you can only stay in for an hour. Or the CO2 emissions obtained by keeping the ice chilled to -5oC with "constantly running refrigeration units." Oh, and let's not forget that "fresh ice will be shipped in from Canada to replace the palace and the sculptures as they melt in their progress from city to city." Yep, it's heading off on a little touring holiday to Barcelona and Berlin. At the height of the European summer, as all good ice bars should. Look, we're pleased that the charity WaterAid will be sent 50p from every ticket sold (Adult £21), but this flight of lunacy, scheduled to open next month, has to rank right up there with Ski Dubai. ::IceSpace [Flash Alert!]. via Reuters. * [ If global warming stays its current course, then the Atlantic Gulf Stream is likely to slow, and in the not too distant future Britain may well be able to make one of these follies again. But this time with local ice. Would that make the above slogan ironic or idiotic?]