Ibero American Ecodesign Seminary coming in Buenos Aires


It was great to hear that two major Argentinean Government organisms are setting up the first Ibero American Ecodesign seminary, to take place in Buenos Aires on August 10th and 11th. The seminary will aim not only to spread the present state-of-the-art of the activities associated with this field, but also "to generate a dialogue and multidisciplinary reflection over the experiences presented and their contribution on social, economic and environmental aspects", the organizers say. It will also try to generate ideas and detect local and regional capacities within the field of sustainable design to share with industrials, academics, professionals of design, entrepreneurs and companies -and therefore get more people involved in the subject-. The seminary is organized by the Metropolitan Center of Design (Buenos Aires Government) along with the national Environment and Sustainable Development Ministry; another sign of the growth the subject is gaining in Latin America. Attendance is free (with registration through mail at ciplycs at medioambiente dot gov dot ar). ::Centro Metropolitano de diseño
*Buenos Aires picture through www.bue.gov.ar