"I don't believe in global warming" Clever Graffiti by Banksy

Photo: TheMammal
New Banksy in London
Here's a new graffiti by British artist Banksy (it's not signed or anything, but that's what Vandalblog claims). I'm posting it because I think it's clever and funny, but let's not read too much into it; I know it's no proof of anything. We should base our position on global warming on the best scientific information available, not on graffitis (duh). But I still think there's an interesting sub-text here.
Photo: TheMammal

Some people will indeed keep denying that burning 80+ million of barrels of oil, countless millions of tons of coal, natural gas, etc, every single day can't possibly be having an impact up to the very moment when it becomes impossible to deny (metaphorically up to their neck in evidence).

Via Vandalblog (also seen at Wooster Collective)

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