I Can Do That, Too! Climate Cleverer Spoof

This weekend just past saw the playing of the Grand Final of the Australian Football League (AFL), akin to the US Super Bowl. Aside from watching one team win their first premiership in over 40 years, 2.57 million viewers (the biggest TV audience of the year) also saw GetUp's spoof climate change advert. Fashioned after the Federal government's television ad for their Climate Clever initiative, this cheeky parody by an Aussie political activist group (like a version of America's MoveOn) received enough funding from GetUp's members to cover the cost of 50 viewing spots.

The original has the Government proclaiming (with an election due to be called any day) about all they are doing for the environment, interspersed with 'ordinary' Australians saying they don't know much about clean coal and the like, "but change a light bulb — I can do that."

The spoof has an advertising executive saying, "I don't know much about implementing effective policy on climate change, but create an ad campaign to make the Government look greener? I can do that." While a mother lacking knowledge about rising sea levels agrees she can buy floaties (floatation devices) for her family. It is encouraging to see the current government finally realise that climate change is an issues to the population and is worthy of their attention, they have been widely criticised as joining the party too late, with too little. Such as refusing to sign the Kyoto Protocol (even though it allows Australia to increase its emissions!), not extending the Mandatory Renewable Energy Targets (MRETs) and pushing the line of clean coal and nuclear as climate saviours. ::GetUp Climate Cleverer Campaign, via tip from Daniel I.

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