Hydrogen Powered Fuel Cell Bicycle Light By Angstrom of Vancouver


Angstrom Power Inc. is a Canadian company develops and commercializes micro-structured fuel cells for a wide variety of applications. They currently offer such products as the pictured bike light, a standard micro-flashlight, and a general purpose charger. See photo after the fold for a helmet-mounted charger application. Purchase can be arranged by filling out a form. From the Angstrom website: "Angstrom's micro hydrogen™ bike lights can be affixed to a helmet or handlebars. Each bike light runs on hydrogen that is stored in a 21cc cartridge, which provides the equivalent energy of about 10 AA disposable alkaline batteries. The only by-product is water vapor. The light provides about 20 hours of continuous run-time between refueling. Cyclists refuel their cartridges with hydrogen gas. Refueling takes only minutes to complete". Nice to see a micro fuel cell company thinking outside the usual military or laptop box. Another Canadian company makes hydrogen electrolyzers. We think the two firms should get together to host a wind-farm to wind-farm night race. This might supplant the Iditarod sledding contest once global warming makes the snowpack unreliable.