HUMMER Eau De Toilette

Eau De Toilette
"The essence of adventure is captured in a fragrance for those who aren't content to simply watch the world go by. HUMMER fragrance is a fresh, exhilarating scent that blends organic essences of the natural world such as sandalwood and leather with exotic spices like cardamom and amber for a truly masculine adrenaline rush that can only be called HUMMER."

(Emphasis ours.)H2 Fragrance
"As bold, as powerful, as alluring as the H2 itself. Urban and exotic, the HUMMER H2 fragrance is a fresh, edgy and charismatic blend of invigorating cinnamon and mandarin flavors with energetic spices like cardamom and bourbon pepper, plus the sensual sensations of incense and red myrrh. The result is a classic yet distinctive masculine fragrance that captivates the senses as it energizes the soul."

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