Hummer - Can't Buy Me Love

TransAm_3 copy.jpg

The Smashing Pumpkins said "no thanks," the Talking Heads gracefully declined, electronic rockers Trans Am told them to hit the road - and my guess is that if they were still around, the Beatles would have said no too. It seems as though Hummer is in the rather unusual position of being unable to pay artists to abandon their values to endorse a product that pretty much represents all that is f*cked in the modern world.Modernista, current employer of the fellow that brought us the luminous Nick Drake VW ad (go on, admit it - it sucked you in too), is on the lookout for new tunes to help manipulate viewers such that they begin to believe that life is infinitely more hip and meaningful when behind the wheel of a petroleum guzzling behemoth. But despite their uncanny ability to find gifted artists that are still struggling to make it in the biz, the spin doctors of Modernista are having a tough time closing the deal. "It had to be the worst product you could give a song to," (lead singer for The Thermals, Hutch) Harris said. "It was a really easy decision. How could we go on after soundtracking Hummer? It's just so evil." Via Austin American-Statesman