Humanitarian Designer Emily Pilloton on the Colbert Report (Video)

emily pilloton and stephen colbert photo
(Colbert adjusting his prescription with adaptive eyewear. Image: Comedy Central)

Humanitarian design advocate Emily Pilloton was Stephen's guest on the Colbert Report earlier this month, and we dare say she crushed it (isn't that what the kids are saying these days?). Emily demonstrated a number of designs like the hippo roller, adaptive eyewear (above), and landmine-resistant footwear, which Colbert wears throughout their chat. (Video after the jump)

Emily's been our guest on TreeHugger Radio and we cornered her not long ago for a Pop!Tech Pop Quiz. She and her organization, Project H Design, have captured the world's imagination by spotlighting humanitarian innovations, many of which are assembled in her new book Design Revolution (which graces my coffee table), a beautiful compendium of design-for-good. For a condensed version of Pilloton's work, peek at our Project H Design slideshow.

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