Humane Society Honors DeGeneres and de Rossi

Degeneres wins humane honor photo

Ellen adds a Human Society award to her Emmy trophy. Photo via: Flickr/Alan Light

With the endless and growing list of animal loving good deeds that Ellen DeGeneres and her wife Portia de Rossi have accomplished, the Humane Society of the U.S. honored the couple last night in Beverly Hills at its 23rd annual Genesis Awards, its tribute to showbiz efforts on behalf of animals.The stars trotted out to pay tribute and support the Humane Society's work in protecting pets, wildlife, horses, and research animals, bringing attention to suffering in slaughterhouses, zoos, and circuses. The Hollywood office of the HSUS also recognizes the best contributions in news and the entertainment media for raising public understanding of animal issues.

Besides the expected animal-friendly glitterati participating on the Genesis committee (Ed Begley, Jr. and Rachel Carson, Alicia Silverstone, Darryl Hannah), the long list also included Ben Stein, Mickey Rourke, Kyle MacLachlan, and Viggo Mortenson.

The evening’s awards were dedicated to ending the Canadian seal hunts. Since the season opened March 23, 15,000 seals of the 280,000 allowed yearly, have been killed, the world’s largest slaughter of marine mammals.

And the nominees are: Spongebob, Homer, and Bryant Gumbel?

The awards portion of the event, including a Bridget Bardot international print award, were selected among nominees in a slew of categories, including Marley & Me to CNN’s Planet in Peril, Whale Wars, and episodes of The Simpsons and Spongebob Square Pants.

Portia de Rossi wins HSUS photo

Portia de Rossi co-winner with Ellen of HSUS top dog prize. Photo via: Flickr/Pulliciano

Ellen, who’s slated to play Mother Nature in an upcoming feature, has cried on-air over an adopted dog exchange gone haywire and bought her own healthy pet food company, Halo. Earning their wings for their pet-loving, philanthropic ventures, the pair also were actively involved in California’s Proposition 2 on behalf of farm animal welfare, helping earn its passage into law. HSUS also cited The Ellen Show for its devotion to bringing animal issues to a mainstream audience. The couple shared the top dog, the Wyler Award, named for animal advocate/actress Gretchen Wyler.

Naturally, the red carpet was fur-free. Not that the attendees buy their finery at J.C. Penny, which HSUS victoriously wrangled into keeping fur off store racks.

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