Howtopedia: Simple Technologies, Simply Shared


TreeHugger loves to "how to," from our entire section on How to Go Green to smaller, more DIY-oriented projects like how to build your own 1000 Watt wind turbine or how to make your own biodiesel; it's fun, empowering and can help you green it up on the cheap. This is why we're excited to find Howtopedia, an online wiki for those who want to either (or both) learn more about or contribute to subjects like energy, recycling or transportation that can lead to greater efficiency and self-sufficiency. Much like Wikipedia, its older, well-known cousin, Howtopedia is a community-based collaborative platform that allows anyone with the smarts to contribute; though they appear to be in the early stages of building their collection of articles, we think it has great potential to be a wonderful source of practical knowledge and simple technologies. By concentrating on "technologies that require no complex machine, that are easily explainable and usable by individuals or small communities for a sustainable and ecological future," they can retain a very large, very diverse audience, and many of the projects could be usefully implemented around the world. To that end, Howtopedia is also available in French and Spanish languages, though English is the most developed, by far, to this point. We know TreeHugger readers are a pretty smart bunch, so we encourage you to consider contributing what you know to this burgeoning project. ::Howtopedia via ::Worldchanging

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