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CRAGs -- or Carbon Rationing Action Groups, are support groups dedicated to taking action to stop global warming through careful tracking of personal carbon emissions. Mostly in the UK, the groups set ambitious goals to cut back on carbon emissions, and then hold each other accountable -- with peer pressure and fines as motivation -- for reducing their carbon footprints.

How to Stop Global Warming: The Motivation Members of CRAGs, or "Craggers," were originally inspired by George Monbiot and his ambitious, powerful (if controversial) calls to quit flying and cut carbon emissions by 100%; essentially, they're providing both inspiration and motivation for governments to adapt universal, equitable policies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by successfully implementing it on a grassroots community level first."The public perception is that you've got to be rich to be green," said Andy Ross, 39, a civil engineer in Glasgow, who helped to found one of the first CRAGs a few years back. "But it's not the amount of money you've got to spend on fancy micro-renewable energy kits. It's identifying the size of your footprint and adjusting your lifestyle accordingly."

How to Stop Global Warming (Before it Starts)

CRAGs offer an interesting (and important, we think) antithesis to the myriad carbon calculators out there; often sponsored by companies (sometimes even petroleum-based energy companies) and offering to sell you carbon credits on the spot; this can make it tricky to really investigate the transparency of the company and track the impact of your purchase. Dig a little deeper into the carbon offset can 'o worms with the How to Green Your Carbon Offsets guide.

Is this a good idea? Will CRAGs ever hit the mainstream as an effective was to stop global warming? Let us know what you think in the comments and get more info at Carbon Rationing Action Groups via International Herald Tribune's Business of Green
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