How to Save the Climate with a Click

A Free Photo a Day to keep climate change away photo

A clever German campaign at Click-and-Care shares gorgeous nature photos. But it gets better: sponsors will donate 10 cents (presumably euro cents, so about 15 US cents) for every photo downloaded -- to help green causes. The picture of the day tomorrow will be by Florian Moellers, formerly introduced on TreeHugger in association with Wild Wonders of Europe.Click-and-Care has received German Press attention for featuring photos by Gerhard Launer, known for breathtaking and curious aerial images. Other photographers who have generously given rights to their artworks to benefit Click-and-Care include Eric Brasseur, Juergen Hohmut, Hans van der Meer, Berthold Steinhilber, Andrew Zuckerman, Jeffrey L. Rotman, and Fredrik Granath & Mireille de la Lez.

The Click-and-Care website is in German, but a picture speaks a thousand words -- and those words come in every translation! Click and enjoy!

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