How To Make An Umbrella Skirt: DIY Fun With Tiffany Tomato

Tiffany Threadgould is no stranger to the TreeHugger pages. We let you know all about her re-use ingenuity in the form of room dividers and egg crate tables. You saw her entry in our Eco-packaging design contest, we hope. Now that the Umbrella Inside Out competitions are under way, we feel compelled to recognize Tiffany’s contributions to the area of umbrella refashioning.

If you didn’t catch sight of her here, maybe you glimpsed Tiffany’s Umbrella Skirt in one of the first issues of ReadyMade a few years back (issue 6)? Perhaps she taught you how to make a tote out of them on HGTV? No? It’s never too late, people. Learn how here and here.

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