How to Make a Hip Pack


Ok. Even though I've reached a point where I can wear them now, it's still hard to say "let me grab my fanny pack." Makes me feel like I'm stuck on some sort of National Lampoon's Vacation with those aging Griswolds. "Hip pack" works. As does the concept. My favorite worldly possession, the duex filles en fil purse, has elements that can be used as belt and hip pack, and I do. It's great to have a cute, hands free valuables vessel for, say, salsa dancing or shows when you don't want the lipstick, driver's license, wad of cash, subway card, etc. bulge in your pocket. Or an albatross around your neck - er - purse to lug and worry about. Agathe over at Style Bytes shows you how to make your own, using the reclaimed fabric of your choice and an existing belt. An instantly gratifiying summer project! :: Style Bytes