How to Live on a Green Street: Change its Name

eco way photo

Image from Mail Online

How can you live on a green and eco street? Never mind moving to a transition town
or making your town plastic bag free or bottled-water free. Just change the name of your street to something more reflective of your point of view.

For example, welcome to Eco Way, Sustainability Way and Yoga Walk. Local governments have been expanding and becoming more responsive to the changing ideas in their communities. As one geographer explained "street names reflect modern culture and society and preoccupations."

kyoto walk photo

Image from Google Streetview: Kyoto Walk

Other towns have changed their names to reflect what's on the street. Kyoto Walk and Kyoto Terrace, in Hampshire, feature environmentally friendly homes and were named after the Japanese city where the treaty on climate change was negotiated.

If you are more into health and safety, move to Safety Drive ( it used to be called Salamander Road), named after the new fire station.

Other new street names recognize the multi-cultural nature of the area and the influence of immigration. So roads such as Samsara Road and Karma Way use names from Indian religions. Masjid Lane is named after the Arabic word for mosque and Khadija Walk is named after the prophet Mohammed's first wife. Let's move to Salaam Court, the Arabic word for peace.

Street names are a reflection of society. Every town must now have a Desmond Tutu Street, and a Martin Luther King Road. Is there an Obama Avenue yet?

green street photo

Image from BBC

If you just fancy a natural tone to your street, there is always Sunset Boulevard, Forest Heights, Park Plaza and River Road.

London is a goldmine for strange street names. If animals are your thing, move to Birdcage Walk or Cowcross Street but stay away from Fanny Hands Lane or Butts Wynd. They won't look good on the return address part of the envelope.

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