How to Get Green Like Steelcase

Creating a Lean Culture--Tools to Sustain Lean Conversions, one of the more talked about guides out there on lean manufacturing techniques, just received the Shingo Research and Professional Publication Prize. Written by David Mann, a manager at office furniture manufacturer Steelcase, the book offers information and tools geared towards creating a lean manufacturing environment. "Lean manufacturing," a term increasingly common in the manufacturing industry, is defined as a system dedicated to waste elimination, continuous one piece workflow, and customer pull—with emphasis on cost, quality and delivery. Drawing from his experience at one of the most sustainable companies out there, Mann offers case examples, figures, and photographs designed for day-to-day use. Though the book is specifically geared towards training management, it is also an interesting source of behind-the scenes manufacturing information—and psychology. His basic argument is you can't have a lean company without management and staff actively onboard every second of the day: the two must coexist, within a "lean culture" for the company to be successful. ::Shingo Prize ::Steelcase