How To: Convert Your Diesel Car to Run on Food Grease

Though some U.S. states won’t even sell diesel cars, we all know that they have certain fuel-economy characteristics that make them desirable in some ways, though there's still certainly room for improvement. If diesel just isn't good enough for you, head over to or Greasecar, where DIY kits will help you convert your diesel vehicle into veggie-powered transport. The kits go for about $600, but one user claims that she made her money back in only nine months, according to Budget Living magazine. There is some technical know-how involved, but once you’re under way, you can run your buggy on good old food grease, potentially gotten for free from restaurants that might otherwise have to pay to get rid of it.You’ll still have to keep a wee bit of regular diesel in the car (your ride needs it to start up and flush out at the beginning and end of each drive), but once your hooked up, you simply flip a switch and your on your way to a cleaner, freer future. We’ll admit it sounds as if the process may be a bit a bit sloppy and impractical, but for the strong-willed, cheap, or anyone willing to make the effort to prove a point, this is a pretty awesome option. Joshua Tickell’s book, From the Fryer to Fuel Tank (Tickell Energy Consultants, $25) is a great resource for making it happen. Via ::Budget Living ::Greasecar [by MO]

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