How to Catch a Dolphin Killer in the Act

Oceanic Preservation Society blimp camera catches dolphin killings on film

The Oceanic Preservation Society is on a mission: to document beauty and destruction in our planet's oceans with the hope of motivating change. It is a mission which sometimes requires James Bond-like ingenuity. In this case, OPS goes head-to-head with some Japanese fishermen on the issue of dolphin killing. It is a thriller, involving celebrities under vicious attack during peaceful protest, blockades and risks of arrest for confronting an issue of national cultural sensitivity.The mass killing of dolphins rounded up into a cove in a Japanese National Park in Taiji, Japan was brought to public attention after the high-profile protest of the mass dolphin killing by Hollywood star Hayden Panetierre. Hayden addresses the cultural sensitivity of the issue in a TH Quote of the Day: "Just because certain cultures have had long-standing traditions does not mean that in today's world they are acceptable any longer."

The group which included Panettiere rode surfboards through the bloody water, attempting to unite in a ring to honor the dolphins being slaughtered nearby. Resistance against the killings was futile. Even the peaceful action was broken up by violent blows with a fish hook against the surfers. Subsequently, the group had to flee to the airport to avoid arrest according to reports of the protest.

Ultimately, all access to the cove where the dolphins are rounded up was blocked. OPS, trying to get dramatic footage of the blood-filled waters for their documentary film, The Rising, was stymied. The access issue was solved by adopting a blimp intended for the Taiji Whaling Festival. Cheery graffiti by Boulder-based artist seems a bit out of place for the dirigible's "under cover" mission. But the ploy worked. The OPS airborne unit reports success. But can it be called a happy end? Not once you see the ocean run red.

Video of Panetierre's experience with the dolphin killings from You Tube is embedded below for those interested, and you can view The Rising at the OPS site.

Via tipster Viki who alertly forwarded the ::OPS email alert

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