How Many Square Feet Do You Live In?


After our post on the couple who lived in 175 square feet, Mike wondered how much space TreeHugger and Planet Green contributors occupied, and it was a surprising result. Not one respondent lived in a house as large as the American average new home size, and the overall average per person was 489 square feet. The winner with the smallest footprint lives in a 150 SF shed, (shown below the fold) and the loser with the most square feet per person is the hypocrite who writes all the posts about living with less and how wonderful small spaces are. How much do you occupy per person? Tell us in the poll below the fold or in comments.


One of our contributor's home

Please tell us how much space you occupy (divide your household area by number of people in it). We apologize to everyone who does not live in Burma, Liberia or the United States for doing this in square feet; please just multiply your answer by ten and it will be close enough.

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