How to make your dining experience more pleasurable

summer dinner party
CC BY 2.0 Flickr

Lighting, colors, room décor, music, and even the shapes of plates can make a real difference in how food is perceived.

My mother always insisted on garnishing whatever platter of food she was about to set on the dining room table. Usually it was a sprig of bright green parsley against a bed of rice, or a few wedges of lemon beside a roasted fish, or a drizzle of cream in butternut squash soup. I thought it was silly, but it turns out she was right.

The following infographic, featured on an Amish furniture company's blog, Plain & Simple, explains how plating design, contrasting colors, and even the shapes of plates can make one’s dining experience more pleasurable. These are quirky and interesting facts that will make you want to throw a dinner party, or at least sit down with your family for dinner tonight. And as we have said many times on TreeHugger, anything that encourages families eating together (and enjoying it) is a very good thing!

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