How Green Will Live Earth Be?


The excitement is building in anticipation of this weekend's Live Earth concerts. Now there will be shows in Hamburg as well as Sydney, Tokyo, Rio, London, New York, Shanghai and Jo'burg. The star-studded list of celebs is growing, with lots of local acts being included in each city. Al Gore was in town, urging people to sign a seven-point pledge calling on governments to agree, within two years, to an international treaty that cuts global warming pollution by 90 per cent in developed countries and by more than half worldwide. Live Earth has an extensive Green Policy for the concerts. They have set up a team of "world class sustainability experts", led by John Picard, a former member of Clinton's Green White House task force, so that "waste streams will be designed out prior to its negative environmental impact" (what?). Sir Bob Geldof says it is a "waste of time" but some of the steps being planned include: electricity from renewable sources. Concessionaires will be encouraged to use biodegradable plastics and recycle. Production lighting will include LED lights, and signage will be recycled. Some tickets will be integrated with public transport. Of course they will offset their travel through carbon credits. Sceptics have also pointed to the amount of electricity used to power the speakers and lights, and the fuel spent on ferrying musicians and their equipment to the venues by plane and truck. However they are "trying to minimise the carbon as much as possible. Most artists are coming from nearby areas. Madonna, for example, lives in London and will be performing at Wembley." This treehugger will be there, with an 8:30 a.m. (EST) start for the London concert so stay tuned for an on the spot review. :: Live Earth

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